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Breatheasy capsules: Best Natural solution for Respiratory disease.

– Breatheasy capsule are the best Herbal medicine to cure any problem related o respiratory system. It improves breathing problem and helping you breath easily. It is also the best potent natural Bronchodilator.

– It is a trusted medicine for all those who want to treat their respiratory problems naturally. It is an effective treatment for diseases like tuberculosis, asthma, lung diseases, smoking disorders, lung cancer, and respiratory infections.

– Respiratory disorders are diseases that affect the air passages, through nasal passages, the bronchi and the lungs. It helps by cleaning the passage in nasal and cure swelling, if any, to pass the air easily.

–  It is a renowned natural medicine to cure any respiratory and breathing disease such as pneumonia and bronchitis, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

– It protects body from any bacterial growth and is used in the treatment of a number of infections such as asthma, bronchitis and many more. This antibiotic fights against the bacteria in the body in the most natural way possible without any side effects.


Have you ever felt difficulty in breathing when air around you is not according o your level. This question will be totally inappropriate for all those who are already suffering from asthma or any breathing issues. A simple and easy inhaling power gives you so much of relaxation and you feel refresh. But if you cannot breathe properly, be whatever the reason is, Ayurveda has the solution for you to help you breathe in the same natural way because Natural treatment will be better than taking chemical medicine.
Ayurveda answered every question especially, anything related to breathing problems or respiratory diseases. This is why Breatheasy is named as the best Ayurvedic medicine which is amazing to work for any respiratory disease.
Ayurveda has treated everyone in everything and it is trusted with its result. Ayurveda always adds up all the pure herbs that are known for its property and hence gives result quickly. Not to forget, we are living and breathing under the air (oxygen) which is extremely hazardous for body.
Air quality is worsening day by day, as a result of human activities, smoke, less greenery and other things that are adding to it. Air we are breathing, is full of impurities, dust and harmful gases. This makes our body lose in front of diseases which is caused by these impurities and very easily. This is why most of the people now, not only adults but infant and children, are suffering from respiratory disease. To infants and children it is extremely painful and hard to go for treatment that are artificial and surgeries that are mandatory for the treatment of respiratory disease. This is why it is best to go with Ayurveda and treat your problem naturally which doesn’t include any side effects and are easy to use.
Breatheasy will be the best option to go for the treatment of any respiratory disease and if you are feeling any issue while breathing. Breatheasy Ayurvedic treatment serves people from its magical power by attacking the root cause & then destroying it. It treats existing problem and also best in balancing the internal, external functioning & hormonal imbalance to avoid any other disorder in future.

Beneficial for respiratory disease:

A focused treatment is necessary for any respiratory disease. An accurate analysis is important to treat and prevent breathing problems. Other medicines behave differently on different body and hence have different result. This is why ayurveda has come up with such a medicine which works same on any body type and gives same result quickly. Breateasy is known as the best medicine in the market to treat any respiratory disease naturally and without any side effects. Symptoms of respiratory problems vary from one person to another. Many respiratory diseases occur due to increase in secretion of mucus in body. Various artificial medicines, just worsen the situation by making it dry. This is when mucus gets deposited inside the body and don’t get out of it which create many problems in future like Bronchitis.
Breastheasy has been mentioned by many physician and doctors for best Ayurvedic treatment for respiratory diseases and asthma. It is extremely beneficial for all such cases and treats patient in the most natural way possible without any side effects. It has served many clients worldwide and is continuously serving from many years. All the clients are happy and contented with the result and quality of this product. If someone cannot breathe properly, that can be the worst case. They often complained about their treatment they went for but didn’t get result. This is why they are searching for something that is natural and treat them as well.
Breatheasy would be the best choice to make, if you are one of them. There are special herbs included in this medicine which is extremely beneficial for rejuvenating the body and removing any dirt from wind pipe. Breatheasy the best Ayurvedic Treatment for Respiratory Diseases and bronchi that helps you to overcome these problems. Taking wrong medication can give you many other side effects that will at last increase your problems like lowered immunity, Dryness, thinning of bronchioles, yeast infection, viral infection, rashes, psoriasis and many more. But with breatheasy you don’t have to worry about any of this problem because it is in the purest form of ayurveda to treat any respiratory disease without any side effects.

Breatheasy is named as the best medicine to cure any respiratory disease and Bronchodilator because it contains 100% herbal ingredients that are mentioned in Ayurvedic book to treat any respiratory disease. This capsule is the Best Treatment for Breathing and Respiratory Disorder and is maintaining the same by giving 100% natural solution to any disease related to breathing. It is known as the best Potent natural Bronchodilator.

It contains:
Chhoti Kantkari     40mg

Tej Pattar                10mg

Vasa                          40mg

Mulethi                     30mg

Bharangi                   30mg

Kali Mirch                30mg

Shudha Vatsnabh   30mg

Tulsi Pattar               30mg

Magh Pippal             30mg

Giloy Satv                  20mg

Sonth                          30mg

Dhatura                     20mg

Javitri                           5mg

Tankan Bhasam      20mg

Sankh Bhasam        10mg

Choti Elaichi              5mg

Lavang                       20mg

Dalchini                     10mg

Godanti Bhasam      45mg

Prabal Pishti              10mg

Tavakshir                    20mg

Jaiphal                           5mg

Dicoction of Dhatura

Dicoction of Kantkari

Dicoction of Vasa

Dicoction of Giloy

Dicoction of Adrak

It is Laboratory tested for quality and purity.

1 capsule 2-3 times per day.

As directed by the physician.

Storage Directions:
Store this medicine in dry place to avoid any moisture.

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